DCJS Courses

01E Security Officer Core Subjects

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This 18 hour course is mandatory for becoming a Security Officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Successful completion of this course allows the officer candidate to work as an Unarmed Security Officer in the Commonwealth. This course in conjunction with the Arrest Authority Coirse (05E) and the Entry Level Secuirty Officer Handgun Course (75E) allows the Officer to work as an Armed Security Officer in the Commonwealth.

05E Arrest Authority

This 8 hour mandatory entry level course for Armed Security Officer Candidates covers how to make a legal and proper arrest; and, the fundamentals of handcuffing and searches.

75E Entry Level Handgun

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This 16 hour mandatory course is required to carry a firearm as a DCJS Private Security Registrant, Bail Bondsman or Bail Recovery Agent. It is also a prerequisite course for Personal Protection Specialists before they can attend the Advanced Handgun Course.

01I In-Service Security Officer Training

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This 4 hour course is mandatory every 24 months for renewal of the Security Officer’s registration. The course covers updates to the Virginia Code and DCJS Regulations and Security Officer work related subjects.

07R Handgun Re-Qualification

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This yearly 4 hour course with range qualification is mandatory for anyone who carries a handgun and want to renew their Firearm Endorsement. The only exception is Personal Protection Specialists who must take the 09R course to renew their Advanced Handgun Endorsement.