Beginner Safety/Skill Improvement

Introduction to Firearm & Range Safety

$85 base price, $75 per additional, $50 per/child

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For those new to shooting or have not handled a firearm for sometime, we offer this private session one on one or in a small private group to help you get started. In an hour you will be given formal instruction on:

How to handle a firearm safely.

How to use a public range safely.

Additionally, we want to make sure you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship. We do this by accompanying you on the range while you take your first shots. After the 1 hour training session is complete, you and your party are welcome to stay and continue shooting on your own. Meanwhile take advantage of our outstanding firearm rental selection. 

Skill Improvement

$50 per/hour

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Our privatized sessions are tailored to help shooters improve upon their current skill level.  You set the goal, let our instructor staff design a program specially fit for you. Whether you are simply looking to build a strong understanding of the basics, gain a higher level of proficiency for shooting defensively or your are looking to get into competitive shooting . We have all the tools you will need to get started and more.

Firearm Selection Assistance


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Choosing the firearm that best suits your needs requires some research and can be time consuming. It should be! This a decision not to be taken lightly as the gun you use, ultimately is the one you will use for home defense and/or personal defense. You may just have to stake your life on it.

Have one of our instructors with you to better aid you in making a selection utilizing our rental program to find one that best suits your needs.