Introduction/Beginner Courses


The Introduction to Firearm and Range is a privatized session for you and/ or your party. In this one hour session you will learn how to handle a firearm and use a public range safely, so that you may continue enjoying both on your own. You can chose to learn to use either a handgun, rifle or shotgun. If you are not sure…do not worry our experienced instructors and range staff are always willing to help and discuss options.

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Firearm Selection Assistance ~ $45 per/participant

Our Firearm Selection course is a 2 hour coaching/assistance session. If you are ready to purchase a firearm for home defensive, personal carry, or recreation; why not have one of our instructors help you find one that best suits your needs. Take advantage of our rental wall! $10 allows you to swap guns as many times as want to, which is key to making a tested and well informed decision.

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Firearm Familiarization Course ~ $75 per/participant

3 hours classroom familiarization instruction on a variety of firearms; including handgun, rifle and shotgun. Learn the fundamentals of handling and shooting each type of firearm in the classroom before applying those practices during a 1 hour range session.

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